Friday, February 01, 2008

ActiveSync 4.5 Support Code 85020006 and 80072f7d


I just updated (in January 2008) my AT&T HTC 8525 phone's Windows Mobile 6 OS. Since then I was not able to sync with my host PC.

I get two errors:

Issue 1: Support Code:85020006
Issue 2: Support Code:80072f7d


Note that this involves registry changes so be careful with it.

Issue 1 can be fixed by;
  • Open ActiveSync
  • Choose File->Connection Settings...
  • Change "This computer is connected to" to The Internet
After you fix above issue, try the Sync and you may get the second error.

The second one is nastier and requires a registry hacking on your Windows XP PC (i.e., not the phone). I suggest that you save current registry settings before you do this.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services]

This site has the registry file that you can double click and modify.

This disables the Layered Service Provider (LSP) that use the Windows TCP/IP stack. But by doing this, you are going to forfeit the support rights from Microsoft.

After doing above two things, all the issues were resolved for me.

Time Saved:

This can save you at least 1 hour of hunting. These are not described in Microsoft web sites clearly.
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