Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gmail Does Not Load, Stay in Continuous Loading Loop


This happens from time to time on my MacBook Pro and Firefox. Interestingly, when this happens I switch to Safari and Safari works fine.

What happens is that when accessing the Gmail, the screen shows "Loading...." and briefly flash the part of the page then goes back to "Loading..." again and this continues ad infinitum.


I don't know the exact cause of this. Apparently there is some issue with a corrupted cookie that may be causing this issue. One thing the corruption could occur is that I am using the Mac Mail via IMAP to download messages at home. Because Mac Mail allows sorting by the sender, I can weed out old news and newsletters quicker. I know, I know I have not completely subscribed to the Gmail paradigm (but it is a free country too!).

Anyhow, I think when I do these deletions on Mac Mail, things may go out of sync and that's when the problem seems to start.


You can try different URLs to access Gmail and this has fixed my situation. In my case if I just use https:// this will usually fix the problem, but then I will need to use https://

If you really need to fix this, you will have to remove Gmail related cookies. I don't know which is what so I usually remove all Google issued cookies. That will also fix it completely.

Time Wasted:

Took about 10 minutes to find and try the solution.

I typed in this search term into Google "Gmail problem FireFox loop" and no Google help message came up, instead this forum gave me the answer.

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