Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ATT 8525 Phone Connectivity Instable


I have been using ATT (Cingular, HTC) 8525 for sometime, but whenever it switches to and from 3G to GSM (EDGE) networks there have always been all sorts of problems like a call dropping, cannot connect re-establish data connections etc. It also seems to get worse from either other networks, towers or a situation where there is an GSM only tower near-by and 3G tower at a receivable distance.


I have disabled 3G from the phone and it operates much more stable. There is a registry hack you can do to show the bandwidth selector.

To enable the bandwidth selector tab in the Phone setup page.


And this disables it.


There is a freeware called MobileRegistryEditor that you can install it on your desktop and you can "remotely" alter the registry keys via a USB connection.

As with any registry hack, I cannot be responsible if you screw up your phone permanently.

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