Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mac QuickTime and QuickTime Web Plug-In Repair Note

This document is in the progress.

I am presently having QuickTime plug-in not playing certain type of video formats. It launches the QuickTime player from the browser both in Safari and Firefox but it does not play the actual movie. Presently below are the notes I am taking for what to do to fix the issue.

Check The Location of The QuickTime Plug-In

Plug-ins are located under /Library/Internet Plug-Ins There is the same directory under ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins as well. On a fresh out of the box Macs neither locations contain anything. 

Check the QuickTime CODEC Installations

Extra and third party CODECS ones are usually installed at /Library/QuickTime

Popular CODECS and CODEC Utiity download sites:
Repair The Disk Permissions, Re-Install QuickTime

Some internet posts suggest that we need to preform the disk permission repair, reboot, re-install (the latest version of) QuickTime and re-repair the permission and reboot. To do the repair type in "Disk Utility" in Spotlight query filed (the magnifying glass stuff on top right of the Finder) then run the Disk Utility. 

There is a Fast Aid tab and in there you will find "Repair Disk Permissions" button. 

It takes about 3-4 minuets to run on a relatively new Mac (without much software installed) in my lab. 

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