Friday, February 11, 2011

Installing Drupal 7.0 Experience on Joyent SmartMachine

This is a quick note to myself regarding the installation of Drupal 7 on Joyent SmartMachine

  • Creating the database and user is done from the Webmin->Servers->MySQL_Database_Server.  Be sure that the you give the select, create, drop and insert permission to the mySQL user that you will give to Drupal
  • SSH Login as the admin user then sudo bash
  • The content of the drupal tar goes into /home//web/public so in other words in that directory, you should have install.php
  • PDO may be disabled (it was in my case). To enable it, edit /opt/local/etc/php.ini and uncomment and uncomment to mean to remove the semicolon.
  • From the shell reboot the machine by tying in "reboot"  This will activate the PDO (there are other ways to do this, this is one of the quick ways to do it.)

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