Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mac Lion Windows Remote Desktop Freezes - Alternate Solution


When you "log out" from a Remote Desktop session using the Windows Remote Desktop client, it either freezes or hangs. If it is in full-screen mode, it would not even allow you to open the Apple Menu to force quit the application.

As of December 2011, there is no updated version of RDP Client from Microsoft. If you beg to differ on this, please let me know since I am no longer using the MS RDP.

Workaround/Alternate Solution

Try using CoRD from SourceForge. It actually provides better user experience than the RDP client from Microsoft. It works on all recent versions of MacOS X including the Tiger version. I especially like the fact that the user/password management is built in to the software. (for me the Keychain with MS DRP goes out of Sync very quickly if you are connecting to multiple hosts frequently, usually ending up typing user and password every time.)

Update (5/10/2012): CoRD is not that super-stable either on my iMac with Lion, but it never totally hangs. CoRD tends to crash hard when losing a connection that was running, for example, when I close the VPN connection while the RDP is still connected, it is guaranteed to crash right now.

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