Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fix! Pythonwin (2.x) Windows 2008 Event Log Text Get Empty String


You used to be able to get the Event Viewer text under Windows 2003 using the following call in Pythonwin. After switching to Windows 2008 or Windows 7 the strings are all empty!


for ev_obj in events :      
   msg=str(win32evtlogutil.SafeFormatMessage(ev_obj, logType))

Now the majority of "msg" comes out blank. Oddly enough any newer programs the msg come out fine.


The string messages logged can also be found as tuples in (using above code example) ev_obj.StringInserts as UNICODE strings.

Therefore, for example, to grab the strings as one msg string, you could write a quick loop like this to get you the full string.

                               msg = ''
             for si in ev_obj.StringInserts :
                   msg = msg + si + ' '                               
             print msg

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