Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Visual Studio 2010 Startup Very Slow


When I launch the MS visual studio 2010, it is really slow in coming up.

My Root Cause:

There are of course many root causes of this, but in my specific situation, it was the Microsoft Fusion Log left enabled.

I had to diagnose assembly loading errors previously using Fusion Log and I configured and left this on. This will cause a significant slow-down in your computer operations.

My Fix:

First you can check to see if Fusion Log is enabled. You can generally find this out by running the new Resource Monitor that comes with Windows 7 and 2008 family of OS. You will find that there is a lot of disk I/O with respect to the fusion logs.

Second you can check in the Start Menu, under Visual Studio 2010 -> Microsoft Windows SDK Tools -> Fusion Log Viewer

You may find this in the situation where the logging is stuck and you cannot disable it.

If you find that you cannot disable it, you many need to do the following registry tweaks. You may not find all of the keys, but do not worry, just remove the ones that are still there.


Remove the following keys


Conversely, if you want to re-enable fusion logging...

DWORD ForceLog set value to 1
DWORD LogFailures set value to 1
DWORD LogResourceBinds set value to 1
String LogPath set value to folder for logs, for example D:\FusionLog\

Restart your computer just to be extra sure and you should be fine after this.

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