Sunday, June 01, 2014

Moto X (Android 4.4.2) Bluethooth Headset Stutter then Other Party Cannot Hear for a Few Seconds


You have a Bluetooth headset and when you begin a phone conversation, it stutters (click... click... click... sound heard) then a silence for a few seconds, then the phone conversation gets interrupted for a few seconds then resumes.

Possible Root Cause (Inconclusive):

It appears that this happens when my phone tries to auto-connect to either the Xfinity Wifi or AT&T hotspot as you drive by the area where the access point is available.

Possible Fix or Workaround:

  • Try disabling the WiFi altogether. If this fixes it, then you may have the same problem I have experienced.
  • If the above situation applies to you, then "forget" the Xfinity Wifi connection from your Wifi setup. Also, you may have an Auto Connect with the AT&T Wifi as well. These are in the Advanced part of the Wifi setup. I would first try to disable auto-notification and auto-connection features and try again.

Side Notes:

This happens to me when I am driving in my neighborhood; just when I am driving away from home (I usually begin the day's calls when I leave home). This does not happen when I am driving in a less populated area along the way. I recalled using an Xfinity (or Cable Wifi) hotspot recently now that Xfinity is enabling public hotspots to many home subscribers. I have figured that this could be causing the problem as I pass certain neighborhood areas this happen just as if some homes are generating interfering Bluetooth signal.

I drove around with my wife's cell phone making a call to it and mine and tested to see if the stuttering happens and after the above fix made the problem appears to be fixed.

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