Friday, May 25, 2007

How to Clear Voicemail Message Waiting Icon on Cingular/ATT

It is really annoying when there actually is no message on the voice mail but the message waiting indicator continue to be on.

This usually is not a problem for those who get a lot of messages, but I hardly get a voice mail message (goes to say I am really so good at managing people, or I am really unpopular... who cares! Well, actually I get most of my messaging via email.)

But if this ever happens remember;

Don't call "Cingular and now AT&T!" to have this fixed. I tried Actually they cannot or will not reset this from their end.

But there is an easy 2-minute solution to this. Just leave a message on your cell phone yourself from another phone and listen to it from the cell phone. That will make it go away.

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