Friday, May 04, 2007

XCOPY incompatible with NTFS Mount Points

Well it is bizarre and the final answer may be elsewhere, and it may even be specific to our iSCSI SAN configuration etc.

But you might run into the same situation as I have.

We wanted to copy the entire directory and files underneath it from one place in a file system (say a network share) to under a mount point directory (say C:\lotsofiles) in hosted by an iSCSI SAN, and to do so, I used XCOPY commands.

What happens next, when you do this is that XCOPY ignores the mount point and happily copy files to the drive. We saw the C: drive's space directly. As soon as XCOPY starts to run, it will cause some error and ISCSI volumes are no longer bound!

This issue does not occur, for example if you drag and drop files using the Explorer, use COPY command or do a deep copy using cp.exe in the UnxUtils package. So I know it is very specific to XCOPY

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