Friday, May 28, 2010

IMAP Problem with iPhone or iPOD for Google App


You are hosting your domain with Google App and allowing people to get emails via IMAP.

You get a complaint from a user stating that:
  • They can read their email on the web
  • They cannot suddenly access their email on iPhones even though IMAP and POP are enabled in their profile.
  • May get "Cannot Connect Using SSL" message.
Possible Root Cause:
  • Google has disabled IMAP (and POP) access probably due to some security issues such as repeated IMAP access with incorrect password.
  • If this is the cause you won't be able to access your Google App email via IMAP or POP either, but most iPhone users don't realize this is happening since they may never use IMAP or POP clients on their home computers.
  • Try doing "reset Captcha" and this should re-enable IMAP or POP thereby allow the access from iPhone or iPod Touch
To do this, use the following url by replacing with your own domain.

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